Reliable, Friendly Consulting

Your business has complex goals. Most of the time, you will see the internet as a way to help you accomplish your goals.

However, the internet is complex, and fast changing. It’s sensible to consult expert specialists when you face a complex technical decision.

We Translate the Internet into English

We understand that as a project manager, human resource expert or entrepreneur, it may not be practical for you to keep up with the frequently changing customs and procedures on the internet. By partnering with Daniel Stern, you can turn your plain English (or French)  business need into actionable steps to reach your goal, efficiently and on time.

We Don’t Claim To Know Everything

We’re the experts at solving problems. Knowing everything about the internet is impossible, and besides, 99% of it won’t apply to your project, at any given time. What we do know is how to solve a wide array of everyday problems that seriously impact business like yours.